MILAN 17 – K I T M I L E S + Moooi Carpets

Covering New Ground with Carpet.

Moooi + K I T M I L E S presents creative luxury for a well curated life. Innovative, provocative and poetic at the same time. A Life Extraordinary!

This year Moooi Carpets invited renowned British textile designer Kit Miles and American artist Neal Peterson for the creation of a number of sensational new carpets designs. They can be admired in their full glory, together with new signature broadloom and rug designs by Edward van Vliet, Marcel Wanders and Noortje van Eekelen.



Exploring the worlds of interiors, this year’s presentation consists of different areas, which all have their own functional appearance, reflecting our ideas around interior settings like hotels, restaurants, lobbies, offices, homes and bars. With hospitality in mind we have created an atmosphere of extraordinary attention and dedication, and we invite people to come closer. We are very grateful to all our guests for visiting us and in return we make them feel special, comfortable and understood.

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