Liberty Window

Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper

Oscar Wilde

We are extremely proud to be in this season’s window at Liberty of London, showcasing our Tiber Archways Wallpaper, and Mooi and Kubrick cushions.


Peer into our world


In the era of ordinary, it’s time to rediscover a place where old sits with new, design classics mingle with obscure, hard-to-find objects, and a never-ending library of fabric waits to be uncovered. Step inside, take what you will; reclaim eccentricity, eclectic layering and clashes to actualise your own space with opulence and creative flair.

Fear not the unusual, embrace the uncommon, and turn every room into a living masterpiece.

The windows were inspired by the labyrinth collections of textiles which have been on sale up on the 4th floor galleries since Liberty began and have made the store world famous. Previously accessible to those in the know, the windows bring the narrative powers and excitement of the printed motif to all.

To all artistic shoppers: welcome home.

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