L O N D O N   D E S I G N   F A I R 2017 – S H O W D E S I G N

L O N D O N   D E S I G N   F A I R

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K I T M I L E S + Cole & Son’s

“I based ‘Fabric Fantasia’ on the palace of Grand Versailles through the lens of a modern surrealist landscape of forms which dance and float across the space, evoking a maze in antigravity and a feeling of opulent modernity of another world.

I wanted to unpack the Icons collection by borrowing the motif of the formal garden and injecting it with influences as far reaching as Leigh Bowery to Edward Scissorhands. The showcase presents tangible touch points showing fabric as the human interface of our world.

Seating provides moments of reflection and wonder, a space where dreams and other worlds can merge with our own.”

This wonderful installation will be presented at:

Stand T3-A

London Design Fair,

 Old Truman Brewery

21st to the 24th of September 2017

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