2019 Collection – Part 1

2019 Collection – Part 1

Phases des camélias.

Design Week has arrived and we are delighted to announce our brand new wallpaper design, Phases des camélias (椿の相).

In this new design the element of water becomes the ‘new ornament’, rejuvenating rain fall from a spring shower leaves beads of water clinging to the flowers.

Both Dramatic and sereen, water serves as a potent symbol of rebirth and renewal.

The doppler effect seen on the water’s surface enriches a sublime sense of water, a theme which evoked immersion, re birth and clarity in an age of confusion and dramatic political upheaval, we return to the pure concept of the restorative nature of plants and the idea that from a single droplet of water may contain the building blocks to create life itself.

Our wallpaper concept expresses a clear identity and in the process creates a sense of place and belonging.

Kit Miles’s new collection invites the question, How can pattern play an increasingly integral role within the architectural environment and how can the designs make people to wonder into the realm of the imagination.
The designs within the new collection explore the possibility of pattern and the printed surface as a form of ’emotional architecture’, the structure of which resonates both aesthetically and internally as a ‘shape’ whilst the individual is in the presence of as well as after the occupant has left the physical space having been surrounded by vivid, extraordinary and unexpected ‘hyper realist and imaginative’ scenes. The aim is to heighten the users experience and to uncover a new way of seeing wallpaper and print employing an uncompromising approach to scale, colour and imagery redefining how print can appear within the high end hotel and luxury residential space.

Corinthian Check


Monogram loop

Stairway to Utopia

Come and visit Kit Miles speak at his showroom at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

Wednesday 13th March 2019,
Design Centre Chelsea Harbour
Design Centre,

Unit G15AChelsea


North Dome London

Ground Floor

SW10 0XE