Tiber Archways


Inspired by the river out of Rome, this nod to the studio’s historic references echoes the grand archways of Roman and late Byzantine architecture. The light falls through a series of repeated shapes with a subtly-printed shadow effect to suggest depth. This striking repeat is perfect both for a contemporary project looking for a hint of classical geometry as well as for a more traditional space looking for an injection of modernity.

 A two to three week lead time should be observed.
Price per roll.
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Kit’s references reach far and wide and result in spellbinding collections, imbued with a sense of both modernity and history.

Private Client

Product specs

Design Name Tiber Archways
Product Code 8951 9001
Colour Plum over Light Pink
Repeat W 52 cm / H 82 cm | Block (20.5 x 32.3 inches)
Roll size Sold by 10m roll (10.9 yards)
Care Spongeable
EU Fire rating EN 13501-01:2007-Bs2,d0
Co-ordinating fabric N/A
Composition 8941 Matt coated non-woven
Weight 180 gsm

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